Periodontics, is the specialist branch of dentistry involving the prevention of and treatment of diseases and conditions of the gum and bone surrounding and supporting teeth or dental implants. Periodontal (gum) disease is caused by a build-up of bacteria on the tooth, root or implant surface and leads to loss of the bone supporting teeth, causing them to become loose, move and eventually lost if left untreated. It is one of the most common causes of tooth loss in later life.

The vital thing about gum disease is that it is highly preventable and especially in the early stages, quite easily treatable. Many studies link oral health to a number of significant conditions and there is strong evidence of the links between heart disease, diabetes and gum disease. Possible links with Alzheimer’s disease, kidney disease, lung disease and rheumatoid arthritis are also currently being researched. More than 45% of adults in the UK are affected by gum disease which at its most mild level can affect quality of life and in susceptible individuals can have a significant impact on their general health.


Specialist training provides training and experience in advanced techniques to treat gum disease that hasn’t responded to routine treatment and includes various surgical procedures for patients with advanced disease, unsightly exposed tooth roots following gum recession or uneven gum levels. It also includes training in the placement, maintenance and repair of dental implants.

In addition to their 5 year undergraduate training to become a dentist, a specialist periodontist has undertaken a minimum of 3 years training in various dental specialties followed by 3 years extra rigorous full-time training in periodontics. During their specialist training, they treat many patients, attend consultant led clinics, receive “on the job” training and mentoring from experienced specialists, study the evidence base for periodontal treatments and techniques as well as undertaking a Masters degree related to periodontics. At the end of their training, they present completed cases to examiners, treatment plan previously un-seen cases and are extensively questioned on their knowledge.

Only when they have satisfied officially recognised examiners that they have the knowledge, understanding and competence are they awarded the Royal College of Surgeons accredited periodontic qualification (MPerio) to be able to call themselves a specialist periodontist. There are approximately 300 specialists in periodontics in the UK out of over 40,000 registered dentists.

Periodontal disease can be diagnosed, assessed and treated here Gatley Park Dental by our Specialist Periodontist Dr Syed Abad.

Referrals accepted for the following treatments:

  • Management of gum disease (Chronic and aggressive periodontal disease)
  • Building back gums and supporting tissue  (Conventional and regenerative periodontal surgery)
  • Gum disease around implants (including  bone loss)
  • Repairing recession defects
  • Thickening up of the gums prior to  orthodontic treatment
  • Crown lengthening surgery – aesthetic  and functional


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