What is bonding?

Composite bonding is a technique we use which entails directly bonding tooth coloured resin materials to the natural teeth.

How it works?

Bonding with a composite resin material was introduced over 50 years ago. The tooth enamel is gently cleaned and primed with a minimally invasive acidic gel to prepare the surface prior to bonding agents being placed. The dentist then applies tooth coloured composite resin materials in small increments over the selected tooth.

Patients may choose this treatment to alter aesthetic appearances ie; stained, crooked, short, chipped, decayed or broken teeth. A special light is then used which activates the materials to set them. The composite is then polished to avoid any rough or uneven edges. Once completed, the material will look just like the natural tooth.

Why choose composite bonding?

• Aesthetic and functional results
• No drilling to natural teeth
• No local anaesthetic
• Reversible in most cases
• Most cases complete in single visit
• No need for dental impressions
• Suitable for patients of all ages with healthy oral tissues.

Before & After


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